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BWH Type Resistors
0.82 ohm, for example


here is what they look like

You need a resistor that limits peak fault current and does not explode under this condition.  Standard carbon, metal film, metal oxide,  and wire wound fail with an arc/flash over, which can damage your diode string under serious fault.

What is required is a General-Purpose Failsafe Molded Wirewound Resistors

These are:

       Drop-in replacement for
       BWH/BWF (L-4B, L-7)

       2 watt rated with 1 watt 

       ±5%, ±10% tolerance

       0.5 ohm to 2400 ohms

       TCR's as low as ±150 ppm/°C
       standard (custom TC's available)

       Weldable and solderable


All resistor types have resistance alloy winding on a braided fibreglass substrate.  Intermediate silicone coatings are used to enhance processibility and to provide protection to the resistive element.


These resistors are terminated using an alloy coated copper flashed steel lead welded to a cap of the same material. This termination assembly  is mechanically crimped, utilizing an improved crimp design, to the resistive element. 


These are encapsulated  utilizing a compression molded phenolic plastic material. The SPF has a flame-resistance coating applied over the resistive element to provide flammability  protection when destructive overloads may occur.


All products are marked utilizing heat and solvent resistant color code bands consistent with EIA/MIL requirements. The first band is double width to designate  wirewound construction. A fifth band, blue in color, is used for flameproof  identification.